Pet Health: Your Furry Family Member

Communicate About Your Furry Family Member

BY NICOLE IPSON |October 31, 2018 


Our pets are our family, for anyone in the animal industry this is true too. However, your pets are also our pets and that’s important to know. In the grooming industry, we tend to be the people outside of your family that see your pet the most. We not only clean your pets, but we can also tell you when we think your little ones may be having an off day or not feeling so well. With that in mind, we always keep an eye on your pet’s health, sometimes catching things you may miss.

Often times people think that getting their pets groom is a peaceful spa day. Although we do try to make your pets visit as stress-free as possible sometimes they just don’t enjoy it. Communication with your grooming can help with this problem. Informing your groomer of new circumstances around the home, or more importantly, new health issues can help your groomer to lower stress. This can be especially true with older pets. Because of issues like arthritis or ligament injuries a groom can be stressful because of the need to position your pet. The need to lift your pet’s legs can cause discomfort which upsets the pet.

Make Sure To Let Your Groomer Know About
  • Seizures
  • Heart Murmur 
  • Ligament Injuries
  • Back Issues
  • Arthritis

Everyone knows that pets naturally age faster than humans. A few months for us takes a toll of years on them. So afamily 12-year-old Shih Tzu can be fine when it comes in for a groom in January but develop health issues 6 months later. Without your groomer being informed of new medical conditions they cannot perform your pets groom properly. Stress from a groom can trigger stress-related reactions in pets that have been groomed for years without problems. This is why it is so important to let your groomer know what’s going on in your furry friend’s life each time you drop them off. It is also important that you take your pet’s age into consideration. 

If you have a pet who’s age is 12+ your pet may need extra care. At a certain point, a traditional groomer may not be the best choice for your pet. Although we do your groomer will always do their best to care for your pet sometimes a vet groomer may be the better choice. It can be hard for a groomer to express this as we hate to tell people that their pets are getting old. However, if you just aren’t sure what you should do, simply ask! A good groomer will help you make the best choice for your furry family member. Your pet’s health is our #1 priority no matter what. So help us help you and your pets and make sure to communicate with your groomers.


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Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling

BY NICOLE IPSON | July 31, 2018



Starting tomorrow Aurora pet grooming will complete our activation of online booking. We held off previously so that the groomers in the salon to get a hold on the new program. The Hope Was That by doing so, that when booking we can provide the best service possible. We appreciate your patience with us as we launch the system completely for you.

Along with being able to book online, you will also be able to create a profile for you and your pet. This profile will allow you to enter all of the information that is needed and help cut back on check-in time if you are a new customer or adding to your family. This will also allow you to get an early jump on scheduling appointments for during the busy season such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. By creating your profile you will also be able to add an email address where we can send you alerts about your pet’s information that is needed, as well as receipts from past appointments.

online Benefits Of Our New Online Scheduling System
  • Online Booking
  • Profile Setup
  • Rabies Update Alerts
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Photo Submission For You & Your Pets
  • Service Information
  • Add Special Information To Your Profile For Your Groomer
  • & Much More!

So without further delay, click on the Book Now link to get started. Create your profile, check out future appointments that are available, and get comfortable with the new system. Although online booking is available all appointment still have to be approved. This helps to make sure that the groomers have adequate time to take care of your pet. So book your appointment to save your time and you will get a confirmation once your appointment has been approved. We look forward to receiving feedback on this new system and how it works for you!

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Online Booking


BY NICOLE IPSON |June 29, 2018



Aurora Pet Grooming works to bring new updates every day. Whether it be to the salon its self, to our grooming techniques, or to the systems that we use to help our customers we always look to make things better. We are proud to announce that we will be switching to a more up-to-date system that will help us function more easily. This change will bring ease of access to scheduling two are the customer. Our Salon began switching over to an online system starting Thursday, June 28th. The full integration of this online system will be complete by July 15th. The My Time online scheduling system will help you to better plan ahead for your pet scheduling.

What Tools Will Be Available For You!
  • Online Profile
  • Online Booking
  • Text & Email Alerts
  • Text & Email Reminders
  • Groomer Information
  • Confirmation & Cancelation Capabilities 
  • Waitlist Capabilities

You will be able to request appointments online, which will alert our staff to your request. This will help us to more quickly be able to respond and schedule your appointments. Although all online appointments have to be approved we will still be alerted as soon the request comes to us. What this system you will also be able to enter in information about yourself, your pet and their needs! You can post pictures of your pet as an identifier which in return can also help us to better give price quotes before you come in. My time allows us to also create alerts that will tell you several things. It will send you reminders for upcoming appointments, remind you about rabies information, as well as alert you to when your pet is finished being groomed.

We are very excited to add this new system to our salon. The My Time system will help to provide more information to make your grooming more customized to your needs and your pets needs. We look forward to introducing the system to you, and if you have any questions feel free to ask! We look forward to seeing you and your pets, and even more excitedly we look forward to creating an easy and customize for you and your family!


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Pet Health – Knowing More About Your Pet’s Groom

Knowing More About Your Pet’s Groom

BY NICOLE IPSON | May 18, 2018


groomEveryone loves a clean pup and kitty there is no doubt about that. However, when you get to your pet’s appointment you may be asked questions you aren’t sure how to answer. This could feel strange or overwhelming because it should be simple right? Not everyone is quite sure what their pet actually groomneeds from their groom, rest assured we can help with that!

Often make the mistake of only viewing their pets grooming appointment as a “spa day”. Getting your pet clean of course is a priority, but it can also be very useful in helping with the care of your little one. When getting ready for your pet’s appointment there are things that you should consider that can help you get the best groom for your pet. What do you need? Could your pets groom help in any way? What issues are caused by your pet’s fur? It may seem silly, but when these things are considered it could help!

Things To Considered For Your Pet’s Groom
  • Does your pet drip water all over the floor?
    • Tighter trim on the beard or short ears can stop this problem sometimes.
  • Does your pet get poo stuck to their behind?
    • Shaving the base of the underneath of the tail can help with this problem.
  • Does your pet suffer from ear infections?
    • Shaving the insides of the ears can help with airflow and reduce the risk of infections
  • Does your pet’s tummy hang low to the ground?
    • A false skirt can help keep your pet’s tummy clean & reducing debris being brought in.
  • Do you have time to brush your pet fully once a week?
    • If not a short haircut could be the best thing for your pet to avoid matting.

groomTaking your pet to the salon isn’t just about them smelling good, but also about making your life and their life easier. We ask these things be considered when taking your cat or dog to the salon. So before your next grooming appointment take some time to think about what you and your furry friends may need. This will help both you and your little ones lead a happier, more clean & happy life!

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Grooming Deals – Summer Coupons

Grooming Coupons For The Spring

BY NICOLE IPSON | April 15, 2018



Saving money is always on everyone mind or at least trying to is. When it comes to your pets care sometimes cost can be high. From Vet bills to toys, grooming, & food there is always something that you can buy for your furry little friend. So, here at Aurora Pet Grooming, we are happy to try and help you save! We have expanded to new digital coupons through our social media page to help make saving money even easier.

In the past, you may have only found our coupons in the Valu-Ad book that comes in the mail. However, we are happy to announce that this year we will be using digital coupons as well. With offers through our Facebook page, you can simply print out a coupon. Or if that doesn’t work for you we now offer Post for Coupons. You simply post a photo of your furry friend on our Aurora Pet Grooming page and check-in! The coupons and post can save you up to $10 on select services.


$10 Off For New Customers
$10 Off Of Our De-Shed Package
$5 Off Of ToothBrushing Package


Throughout the year the deals will change for different deals for your pets grooming services. So make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook for new offers. You will still be able to find our coupons in the mail as well. Our Digital Offers can be found in the Offers section of our Facebook page, or in our main feed. More places for deals give you more chances of saving money! (printed coupons and or post must be shown to our groomers at the time of payment to be valid. offers valid through July 31, 2018)*

We here at Aurora Pet Grooming look forward to growing with you and helping to take care of your pets more convenient. Come in today to schedule an appointment with us! We look forward to seeing you!


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Dog Health – Express Grooming

Express Grooming For Your Pets

BY NICOLE IPSON | February 25, 2018



You’ve never had your dog groomed before and you’re really thinking about it. You really want to get your furry friend cleaned up, but you just aren’t sure about the stay. You’ve done you’re homework andhave found out that the average groom takes 3-4 hours. Even though you’re very interested you just aren’t sure about leaving your pet that long. Lucky for you there is a solution, and express groom. Most salons offer it, at an extra cost, but it may just be worth the cost.

Express grooming is exactly what it sounds like. A groom that’s done more quickly than the traditional appointment based groom. Even though it is done quickly that doesn’t mean it lacks the quality though! To understand this, you must first understand how most grooming salons book their appointments. Usually, a salon will book multiple appointments at the same time. For example, a groomer’s day could look something like this:

  • 7AM – Spot – Shih Tzu ( Full Groom )
  • 7AM – Mia – Shih Tzu ( Full Groom
  • 10AM – Jack – Labrador ( Bath & Brush )
  • 10AM – Duke – Miniature Poodle ( Full Groom )
  • 1PM – Frank – West Highland White Terrier ( Face Trim )

Reasons for this style of booking is because a pet’s appointment isn’t done the same way you would go in for a hair appointment. Most pets don’t sit still, so multiple pets can be done at the same time so that one can have a break while the other is being worked on. Your groomer would bathe both dogs at 7 am and then while one pet was drying in their kennel the other could be hand dried and worked on. Giving the groomer an average of 2 hours per pet just broken into sessions.

Now, with an express groom your groomer’s schedule would probably look something like this:PETS

  • 7AM – Spot – Shih Tzu ( Full Groom )
  • 10AM – Jack – Labrador ( Bath & Brush )
  • 10AM – Duke – Miniature Poodle ( Full Groom )
  • 1PM – Frank – West Highland White Terrier ( Face Trim )

By reducing the groomer’s schedule by one dog in their first appointment this frees up time for your groom. This allows the groomer to start and finish your dog quickly, while still performing a quality groom for your pet. This style of grooming has its pro’s and con’s and may not be for every pet. Some of these include:

Benefits For Your Pets
  • Less salon time

  • Your pet is the focus

  • No kenneling

  • Done from start to finish without disruption

  • Less chance of being overwhelmed by being around other pets

Possible Downsides For Your Pets
  • Additional cost (Usually Around $10 More)

  • Can stress a pet that isn’t used to the process

  • The owner must be available for pick-up immediately

  • Appointments are harder to come by as it needs to be the groomers 1st pet

    (Booking the appointment in advance usually clears this issue up though.)

PETSAurora Pet Grooming offers express grooming for all of its customers as long as your pet isn’t stressed by the process. We offer this service for several reasons as a part of customizing grooms for your pet needs. We hope that this article helps you to understand the process so that you can decide if it is right for you! Do you still have questions? Contact us here and we would be happy to give you more information!

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Dog Health- Deals On Dog Baths

Aurora Pet Grooming’s Deals On Dog Baths!

BY NICOLE IPSON | January 23, 2018
dog baths

The start of the year can be hard while we are recovering from the holiday rush. Here at Aurora Pet Grooming, we like to try and keep things simple for our customers! That is why during this time of the year we offer deals on dog baths your furry friends. This helps to keep them in great shape so you don’t have to worry about the dreaded mats that come with a dirty friend.

Our experienced groomers are ready to clean up the mud covered pups that may have had a little too much fun in the snow. With our packages on dog baths, you can be sure that your pet will come home smelling clean and new. We also are offering discounts for our De-Shed Packages at this time as well. This package will help with the pup who’s coat just isn’t sure what it wants to do because of the weather changes. Here is what you can expect should you decide that you would like to take advantage of our discounts!

Basic Dog Bath Package

        • Basic Bath & Shampoo, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Anal Glands, & 15 Minutes Of Brushing.

De-Shed Package

        • Upgraded Shampoo, Conditioner, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Anal Glands, Up to 45 Minutes Of Brushing To Pull The Unnecessary Undercoat.

Cost vary based on breed and condition of pet at time of the groom.

Although you and your bank account maybe recovering don’t let your pups go without care. Let us help you today with our discounts and already low prices. Aurora Pet Grooming wants to take the best care possible of your furry family members! Enjoy $5 off your basic bath package when booked during the week. We would also like to invite our customers to try our De-Shed Package with $10 off when booked during the week. Coupon must be printed out and presented at time of payment. Give us a call today for more information or to book an appointment for your precious pets!


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Dog Fashion- Dog Bows

The Maintenance Of Dog Bows

BY NICOLE IPSON | December 29, 2017


dog bows


Many people think that dressing a pet up, or placing dog bows in their pets hair is just silly! However, there are other people, such as myself… who absolutely love it. With the ability to turn your pet into a bow covered fluff ball most people tend to forget that this can cause issues though. So, here are some tips as to how you can have fun with your pet, and keep their coats in good shape.

Believe it or not, putting a collar on your pet can cause the same issues as putting a jacket on your pet. Of course, these issues are only for long coated dogs, a collar won’t mat a short-haired pup or kitty! When placing accessories on your pet there are things that you should immediately be aware of such as…

  • Hair type
  • Size of the accessories
  • How long the accessories will be left on
  • How much maintenance it will take to maintain the coat if left on

This may sound extreme, however, if you want to leave your pet long these are things that need to be considered. Take for example a long coated dog and a collar. Tdog bowshis is the most commonly seen issue in a grooming salon for the start of matting around the neck. If you as an owner find that your dog’s neck is always matted, there are two main reasons for this. The collar type is more than likely flat against the coat rubbing the hair. That along with the collar is not being removed for brushing can become a problem.

Half of the customers seen in the salon admit to not removing a collar before brushing their fluffy friends. Combined with natural matting that happens behind the ears creates a mat collar so to speak connecting the ears to the neck. It doesn’t take much for this to spiral out of control causing your groomers to have to, unfortunately, shave your pet if the mats can’t be safely removed. So, in this case, an owner with a long-haired pet should consider purchasing a rolled leather collar as well as remove the collar when brushing to ensure matting doesn’t occur.

Tips For Accessories Types

  • Dog Bows placed in ears- Remove after a week and brush area they were connected to.
  • Collars- Remove every other week and brush around the neck and behind the ears.
  • Jackets, Sweaters, Harnesses, Etc- Do not leave on for more than a day. Brush all areas in contact with the clothing or harness not forgetting the armpits.
  • Shoes- Remove once the pet comes back inside and comb through the tops of the paws.

These simple tips, however, due to ease, they are often forgotten. Each of these simple tasks can save a lot of pet owners from the heartbreak!

As fun as it is to put clothes on your pets, this luxury also comes with a great obligation to your pets well being and comfort. So the next time you put a bow in your furry family members hair or a jacket on to keep them warm, simply brush them afterward. Keep your pets happy, healthy and fabulous with these tips!

From Our Family To Yours!

dog bows


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A Post To Our Customers

An Upgrade For

Aurora Pet Grooming

BY NICOLE IPSON | November 10, 2017


Over the years Aurora Pet Grooming has become a well-known name in the surrounding community. They strive to help keep reasonable priced grooming alive with coupon deals sprinkled in here and there. Recently, Melissa Tuffield took over 100% of the business with the vision of wanting to create a more upscale salon.

In order to do this, she hired a new Facility Manager to not only help clean up the salon but also raise the standards of the salon. The Facility Manager, Nicole Ipson is helping make her vision more of a reality. With over 10 years experience in the grooming industry, Nicole’s goals for the salon are very straightforward:

  • Make sure that Pet Safety is the #1 Priority for our Independent Contractors across the board!
  • Add even more trustworthy & friendly Groomers for increased appointment availability.
  • Make sure our customers are heard.
  • Create a more welcoming space for both our furry friends and customers.
  • And finally, raise the bar of professionalism and quality within the salon.

All of these changes and upgrades are being made with our customers and their furry family members in mind. Melissa & Nicole’s hopes are to improve the already established relationships with our loyal customer base while creating an environment that people can recommend to their friends and family without worry. Animal Love, Customer Trust, and a passion for the job performed at Aurora Pet Grooming is of the utmost importance to everyone within the shop!

As changes and improvements take time, so will the new process of upgrading the salon. So we ask that you please be patient with us and stick around for fun improvements to come! We here at Aurora Pet Grooming look forward to helping you get your furry friends cleaned up for the Holidays and can’t wait to share our salons’ improvements with you!

Dog Health – Anal Glands

The Stinky Truth

About Anal Glands

BY NICOLE IPSON | September 19, 2017


anal glands

You’ve seen the “funny” carpet commercials and videos of dogs dragging their bottoms across the floor. Have you ever wondered what they were actually doing? For me as a groomer of over 10 years when I see those commercials my first instinct is to say “gross” or “that’s sad”. The reason being is because while most people think this is funny or their dog is being cute, they are actually trying to tell you something is wrong.

When your pet goes to the bathroom and their anal glands are functioning properly a secretion is passed along with their feces. This does two things, it marks the area with their sent, as well as lubricates their back-end so they can pass their number 2 easily. However, due to poor fibrous diets, these glands can become impacted. This causes the secretion becoming thicker and harder to pass. Along with this, it can cause your pet to strain. This is when your pet pushes for long periods of time to pass their feces. Straining alone can cause several other issues.

Now, remember how I mentioned your dog being funny and dragging their bottom across the floor? This in itself is a major sign that your pet needs its anal glands expressed. Usually, there are two sets of people that can do this for you if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself. You can call a groomer, they often offer this as a walk-in service. Or you can call your vet. Here are the differences between the two.


Can only do an external gland expression. Meaning, they will put pressure on the anal glands from the outside, releasing anything loose from the sacs that your pet can’t get. If your pet isn’t badly clogged usually this is enough to relieve the symptoms. They can also bathe the back end of your pet (maybe at an extra cost but well worth it) so that your pet doesn’t smell of anal glands afterward.


Can do internal gland expression. Meaning, they are trained to actually milk your pets gland from the inside allowing them to more completely empty the sacs. This method is usually what a groomer will suggest if they find that the secretion coming from your pet is rather thick and unwilling to completely release from the sacs. This will be suggested if the groomer feels that it is possible that they can rupture your pets anal glands.

anal glands

It is important that you understand what you are watching for, and that is relatively easy. The anal glands are located to the left and right of your pets anus. If you notice your pet straining while going to the restroom or dragging their bottoms these are your first signs. You can also check your pet by feeling the sides of their anus. If you find that there is a bump on either or both sides of the anus your pet is becoming impacted. Usually, small dogs have to have help expressing their glands and most large dogs don’t.

The reason you need to know what to watch for though is simple. If your pets glands are ignored and they are unable to take care of the expression themselves they can rupture. Meaning the sacs can become so full that they will pop like a balloon. They usually pop outward causing a dime size hole on either or both sides of the anus. This will lead to major issues as well as large amounts of pain.

This topic isn’t a fun one for anyone, this is fairly obvious. However, as a pet owner, it is important that you be aware of your pet’s health even the stinky parts. In doing so you will ensure that your pet stays as happy and healthy as possible. After all, they are a part of your family, they just can’t always tell you if something is wrong. So be aware of the signs, and help your pet in every way!


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