Express Grooming For Your Pets

BY NICOLE IPSON | February 25, 2018



You’ve never had your dog groomed before and you’re really thinking about it. You really want to get your furry friend cleaned up, but you just aren’t sure about the stay. You’ve done you’re homework and have found out that the average groom takes 3-4 hours. Even though you’re very interested you just aren’t sure about leaving your pet that long. Lucky for you there is a solution, and express groom. Most salons offer it, at an extra cost, but it may just be worth the cost.

Express grooming is exactly what it sounds like. A groom that’s done more quickly than the traditional appointment based groom. Even though it is done quickly that doesn’t mean it lacks the quality though! To understand this, you must first understand how most grooming salons book their appointments. Usually, a salon will book multiple appointments at the same time. For example, a groomer’s day could look something like this:

  • 7AM – Spot – Shih Tzu ( Full Groom )
  • 7AM – Mia – Shih Tzu ( Full Groom )
  • 10AM – Jack – Labrador ( Bath & Brush )
  • 10AM – Duke – Miniature Poodle ( Full Groom )
  • 1PM – Frank – West Highland White Terrier ( Face Trim )

Reasons for this style of booking is because a pet’s appointment isn’t done the same way you would go in for a hair appointment. Most pets don’t sit still, so multiple pets can be done at the same time so that one can have a break while the other is being worked on. Your groomer would bathe both dogs at 7 am and then while one pet was drying in their kennel the other could be hand dried and worked on. Giving the groomer an average of 2 hours per pet just broken into sessions.

For an express grooming, your groomer’s schedule will probably look something like thisPETS

  • 7AM – Spot – Shih Tzu ( Full Groom )
  • 10AM – Jack – Labrador ( Bath & Brush )
  • 10AM – Duke – Miniature Poodle ( Full Groom )
  • 1PM – Frank – West Highland White Terrier ( Face Trim )

By reducing the groomer’s schedule by one dog in their first appointment this frees up time for your groom. This allows the groomer to start and finish your dog quickly, while still performing a quality groom for your pet. This style of grooming has its pro’s and con’s and may not be for every pet. Some of these include:

Express Grooming Benefits 
  • Less salon time

  • Your pet is the focus

  • No kenneling

  • Done from start to finish without disruption

  • Less chance of being overwhelmed by being around other pets

Express Grooming Possible Downsides
  • Additional cost (Usually Around $10 More)

  • Can stress a pet that isn’t used to the process

  • The owner must be available for pick-up immediately

  • Appointments are harder to come by as it needs to be the groomers 1st pet

    (Booking the appointment in advance usually clears this issue up though.)

PETSAurora Pet Grooming offers express grooming for all of its customers as long as your pet isn’t stressed by the process. We offer this service for several reasons as a part of customizing grooms for your pet needs. We hope that this article helps you to understand the process so that you can decide if it is right for you! Do you still have questions? Contact us here and we would be happy to give you more information!

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