Knowing More About Your Pet Grooming Appointment

BY NICOLE IPSON | May 18, 2018


groomEveryone loves a clean pup and kitty fresh from their pet grooming appointment, there is no doubt about that. However, at your pet’s appointment, the groomer may ask questions you aren’t sure how to answer. This could feel strange or overwhelming because it should be simple right? Not everyone is quite sure what their pet actually groomneeds from their groom, rest assured we can help with that!

Clients often make the mistake of only viewing their pet grooming appointment as a “spa day”. Getting your pet clean of course is a priority, but it can also be very useful in helping with the care of your little one. When getting ready for your pet grooming appointment there are things that you should consider that can help you get the best groom for your pet. What do you need? Could your pet grooming appointment help your pet in any way? Is your pet’s fur causing issues? It may seem silly, but these considerations can be helpful!

Things To Considered For Your Pet Grooming Appointment
  • Does your pet drip water all over the floor?
    • Tighter trim on the beard or short ears can stop this problem sometimes.
  • Does your pet get poo stuck to their behind?
    • Shaving the base of the underneath of the tail can help with this problem.
  • Does your pet suffer from ear infections?
    • Shaving the insides of the ears can help with airflow and reduce the risk of infections
  • Does your pet’s tummy hang low to the ground?
    • A false skirt can help keep your pet’s tummy clean & reducing debris being brought in.
  • Do you have time to brush your pet fully once a week?
    • If not a short haircut could be the best thing for your pet to avoid matting.

groomYour pet grooming appointment isn’t just about them smelling good, but also about making your life and their life easier. Please consider these tips when talking to the groomer about your cat or dog’s next pet grooming appointment.  Take some time to think about what you and your furry friends may need. This will help both you and your little ones lead a happier, more clean & happy life!

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