Online Scheduling

BY NICOLE IPSON | July 31, 2018



Online booking will be activated starting tomorrow at Aurora Pet Grooming.  We held off previously so that the groomers in the salon could get better acquainted with the new program. The hope was that by doing so, we can provide the best service possible. We appreciate your patience with us as we launch this new online scheduling system for our beloved customers.

Along with being able to book online, you will also be able to create a profile for you and your pet. This profile will help cut back on check-in time if you are a new customer or are adding to your family. You can get an early jump on scheduling appointments for during the busy season such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. By creating your profile you can add an email address where we can send you alerts about needed pet information, as well as receipts from past appointments.

online Benefits Of Our New Online Scheduling System
  • Online Booking
  • Profile Setup
  • Rabies Update Alerts
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Photo Submission For You & Your Pets
  • Service Information
  • Add Special Information To Your Profile For Your Groomer
  • & Much More!

Please click on the Book Now link to get started. You can create your profile, check out future appointments that are available, and get comfortable with the new system. Although online booking is available all appointments still need to be approved by your groomer. This helps to make sure that the groomers have adequate time to take care of your pet. So book your appointment to save your time and you will get a confirmation once your appointment has been approved. We look forward to receiving feedback on this new system and how it works for you!

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