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Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling

BY NICOLE IPSON | July 31, 2018



Online booking will be activated starting tomorrow at Aurora Pet Grooming.  We held off previously so that the groomers in the salon could get better acquainted with the new program. The hope was that by doing so, we can provide the best service possible. We appreciate your patience with us as we launch this new online scheduling system for our beloved customers.

Along with being able to book online, you will also be able to create a profile for you and your pet. This profile will help cut back on check-in time if you are a new customer or are adding to your family. You can get an early jump on scheduling appointments for during the busy season such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. By creating your profile you can add an email address where we can send you alerts about needed pet information, as well as receipts from past appointments.

online Benefits Of Our New Online Scheduling System
  • Online Booking
  • Profile Setup
  • Rabies Update Alerts
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Photo Submission For You & Your Pets
  • Service Information
  • Add Special Information To Your Profile For Your Groomer
  • & Much More!

Please click on the Book Now link to get started. You can create your profile, check out future appointments that are available, and get comfortable with the new system. Although online booking is available all appointments still need to be approved by your groomer. This helps to make sure that the groomers have adequate time to take care of your pet. So book your appointment to save your time and you will get a confirmation once your appointment has been approved. We look forward to receiving feedback on this new system and how it works for you!

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New Online Booking


BY NICOLE IPSON |June 29, 2018



Aurora Pet Grooming is proud to announce we will be switching to a new online booking system!  We work hard to bring new updates to our customers. Whether it be to the salon itself, our grooming techniques, or the systems that we use to help our customers–we always look to make things better. The new system will be more up-to-date and will help us function more easily. This change will bring ease of access to scheduling for our customers. Our Salon began switching over to the online system starting Thursday, June 28th. The full integration of this online system will be complete by July 15th. The My Time online scheduling system will help you to better plan ahead for your pet scheduling.

What Tools Will Be Available For You!
  • Online Profile
  • Online Booking
  • Text & Email Alerts
  • Text & Email Reminders
  • Groomer Information
  • Confirmation & Cancelation Capabilities 
  • Waitlist Capabilities

You will be able to request appointments online, which will alert our staff to your request. This will help us to more quickly be able to respond and schedule your appointments. Although all online appointments have to be approved we will still be alerted as soon the request comes to us. What this new online booking system you will also be able to enter in information about yourself, your pet and their needs! You can post pictures of your pet as an identifier which in return can also help us to better give price quotes before you come in. My time allows us to also create alerts that will tell you several things. It will send you reminders for upcoming appointments, remind you about rabies information, as well as alert you to when your pet is finished being groomed.

We are very excited to add this new online booking system to our salon. The My Time system will help to provide more information to make your grooming more customized to your needs and your pets needs. We look forward to introducing the new online booking system to you, and if you have any questions feel free to ask! We look forward to seeing you and your pets, and even more excitedly we look forward to creating an easy and customize for you and your family!


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Our Loyal Customers – Aurora Pet Grooming Upgrades

To Our Loyal Customers at Aurora Pet Grooming 

BY NICOLE IPSON | November 10, 2017


We have exciting news for our loyal customers!  Over the years Aurora Pet Grooming has become a well-known name in the surrounding community. They strive to help keep reasonably-priced grooming alive with coupon deals sprinkled in here and there. Recently, Melissa Tuffield took over 100% of the business with the vision of wanting to create a more upscale salon.

In order to do this, she hired a new Facility Manager to not only help clean up the salon but also raise the standards of the salon for our loyal customers. The Facility Manager, Nicole Ipson is helping make her vision more of a reality. With over 10 years experience in the grooming industry, Nicole’s goals for the salon are very straightforward:

  • Make sure that Pet Safety is the #1 Priority for our Independent Contractors across the board!
  • Add even more trustworthy & friendly Groomers for increased appointment availability.
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Create a more welcoming space for both our furry friends and customers.
  • And finally, raise the bar of professionalism and quality within the salon.

These changes and upgrades are being made with our customers and their furry family members in mind. Melissa & Nicole’s hopes are to improve the already established relationships with our loyal customer base while creating an environment that people can recommend to their friends and family without worry. The love of animals, earning and maintaining customer trust, and passion for the job is of the utmost importance to everyone at Aurora Pet Grooming!

As changes and improvements take time, so will the new process of upgrading the salon. So we ask that you please be patient with us and stick around for fun improvements to come! We here at Aurora Pet Grooming look forward to helping you get your furry friends cleaned up for the Holidays and can’t wait to share our salons’ improvements with you!